Streets Specialized Membership

Having this membership keeps your home up-to-date and maintained year-round.

$100 / mo | $1,000 / yr


  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Tune-Up
    • Repatching all gutters for proper drainage. Resealing all joints with gutter adhesive. Reattaching loose gutters and downspouts as needed.
  • Roof Tune-up
    • In-depth roof inspection, clear any debris and seal roof seams.
  • 10% Off Products & Services
  • No 0vertime Charge Fees
  • Front of the Line Service
  • Holiday & Weekends No Extra Charges
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Additional Services:

  • Winterizing Home
  • Changing HVAC Filters
  • Replaces / cleans dryer tube
  • Test Sump Pump
  • Inspect your window and door seals
  • Remove large appliances & furniture