A house is a major investment and protecting that investment should always be a top priority. As the top defense against the elements, your roof needs to be routinely inspected and maintained. Missing, cracked, curling, or damaged shingles can lead to leaks that damaged ceilings, walls, and floors within your home.

Roof repair should never be a DIY project unless you have professional experience. Let us take care of your roof needs to ensure small problems don’t escalate into large, costly ones.

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Interested in having Streets Specialized Services install your new roof? Learn some pros of light colored shingles.
The Pros of Light Colored Shingles Just like with choosing a siding color, the color of your roof shingles really ...
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Book a complete NEW ROOF INSTALLATION with Streets Specialized Services and automatically get entered to win a FULL REFUND.
High-Quality Roofing Service Your roof is a vital part of your home. All roofs need replacement in time. Don't trust ...
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Moss growth on your garage roof can lead to multiple issues that significantly shorten the roof's lifespan. Get garage roof replacement with Streets Specialized Services.
Why Is Moss Bad For Your Garage Roof? Your garage is an extension of your home and therefore, it requires ...
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Give your home a quick refresh this spring with brand new wood steps with Streets Specialized Services.
Step Up Your Front Stairs Your front stairs serve an important purpose: providing easy access to an elevated front door ...
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Streets Specialized Services provides exceptional drywall repair, roof inspection, and roof repair.
Drywall Repair: Fix Damaged Ceilings When an unexpected leak causes damage to your ceiling, turn to the professionals at Streets ...
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Streets Specialized Services offers professional roof tune up service to find and repair hidden roof problems in Kenmore, Tonawanda, Buffalo, and surrounding areas.
April Showers Bring Hidden Roof Problems Think about those heavy April showers and the accompaniment of high winds. Now think ...
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