Mossy shingles are a warning sign you could have a potential problem. Contact Streets Specialized Services for roof inspection, repair, and replacement.

Reasons for a New Roof: Mossy Shingles

A mossy roof might look like a fairytale but moss growth can cause a host of problems that can significantly decrease the lifespan of your roof:

  • Mold or bacteria.
  • Holes. (Moss can grow beneath your shingles, lifting them up and creating gaps for water to seep into your home.)
  • Water damage. (Moss retains moisture which can ruin your shingles.)
  • Pests. (Moss attracts insects and rodents who feed off it.)
  • Wood rot.

Never allow moss to grow unchecked. A little moss can easily be removed but structural damage caused by moss can lead to costly repairs.

If your shingles are growing moss, have your roof inspected for underlying damage. Let the roofing professionals Streets Specialized Services provide professional roof inspection and replacement service. Call 716-748-9285 or get your free service quote!