Bad chimney flashing can cause roof leaks. Streets Specialized Services offers roof inspection, repair, and replacement.

Reasons for a New Roof: Bad Chimney Flashing

You may find a chimney adds charm and value to your home. After all, there’s nothing like a crackling fire on a cold winter night! But that chimney could end up costing you if not properly installed.

Chimney flashing is installed where the chimney connects to the roof to aid in water and snow runoff, and create a waterproof seal that protects your roof and prevents water from entering your home. Bad chimney flashing allows water to penetrate your roof and can result in:

  • Curled or warped shingles around or below the chimney
  • Leaks inside your home
  • Soft or rotting roof decking (also known as roof sheathing)

Regular roof inspection can help catch roof leaks around chimneys before they cause extensive damage to your roof.

Let the roofing professionals Streets Specialized Services provide professional roof inspection to help you extend its lifespan, or roof repair and replacement if you’re already experiencing leak damage. Call 716-748-9285 or request your free service quote!