If you plan to sell your house, a new roof can increase our home's resale value for a better selling experience.

Reasons for a New Roof: You Plan To Sell Your House

Finding the “right home” is easier said than done. As your family grows, you may need to upgrade to a larger house. As you grow older and your needs change, you may want to downgrade to a small apartment or a single level house.

Regardless of the reason, if you plan to sell your house in the next few years and your roof is old, investing in a new roof now will help you later when you go to sell it.

A new roof:

  • Boosts curb appeal.
  • Entices new homeowners. (When a potential buyer sees an older roof, they see added dollar signs and replacement costs, and may skip over your listing.)
  • Increases the resale value of your home. (Which you can partially recoup when selling. While you won’t see a 100% return, it can decrease the time spent on the market and leaves the possibility of receiving multiple offers, full asking price, or even over asking price if the competition is high.)

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