Streets Specialized Services offers professional bathroom cabinet installation in Kenmore, Tonawanda, Buffalo, and surrounding areas.

April Showers Bring Spring Remodeling Fever: Bathroom Edition

Regardless if it’s a half bath or full bath, odds are you step into the bathroom on a daily basis…which means you’re stuck looking at those same old bathroom cabinets. Or maybe you have none and you’re forced to wash your hands and get ready at a sink surrounded by towels and toothbrushes and toothpaste (oh my!).

At Streets Specialized Serves we offer bathroom cabinet installation to transform your space no matter its size, and:

  • Increase storage
  • Improve functionality
  • Add value
  • Improve safety

No more tiptoeing around stacks of toilet paper or extra shampoo bottles. No more knocking items in the sink as you attempt to shave. No more clutter!

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