A leaky roof can cause both interior and exterior damage to your home or business. Streets Specialized Services offers roof inspection, repair, and replacement.

Reasons for a New Roof: Water Damage

A leaky roof can cause both interior and exterior damage to your home or business:

  • Damp spots
  • Crumbling/rotting drywall
  • Stained/peeling paint
  • Mold growth
  • Sagging/discolored soffits and fascia
  • Compromised structural integrity
  • Deteriorating wood

If your roof is low to the ground and easily accessible, you can check for less obvious signs of exterior damage like spongy or soft shingles. (We always recommend a professional roofer performs the inspection though to prevent injury to yourself or others.)

Water could be entering your home through an attic, crawl space, utility closet, chimney, dormer, or roof vent, so it’s important to give a thorough inspection to find the source of the leak.

When in doubt, let Streets Specialized Services provide professional roof inspection and repair to help you locate the leak and prevent further damage. Call 716-748-9285 or get your free service quote!